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The wife of the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, Camila Fabri, confirmed that the whole operation against him, since his arrest by the Cape Verdean authorities, was illegal.

In an exclusive interview with teleSur, Fabri confirmed that the diplomat was on a humanitarian mission when he was illegally detained. In addition, he denounced that he later fell victim to physical and psychological torture.

Everything was illegal from the start. (Saab) was simply on a humanitarian mission, he landed in Cape Verde to refuel, and within 30 minutes, the cops got into the plane and ordered him to get off. They took him away by force. “Contact was lost for three days,” he said.

The Venezuelan government and international organizations denounced a difficult kidnapping by the United States with the complicity of the Cape Verdean authorities.

Fabri explained that he learned of the extradition to the United States from the sister, who went to the place where he was and saw that several trucks were returning from the airport with armed soldiers. After the diplomat’s request, they informed him that he had been extradited.

“I was able to talk to Alex for five minutes, two days ago, and he told me that 20 US cops jumped on him, didn’t even give him time to put his shoes on, and within two minutes they violently took him away.”

The diplomat’s wife stated that Saab was tortured. “He was without food or water for three days and then was taken to prison. They never respected international law and their immunity.”

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Fabri commented that they had hidden in Cape Verde all evidence of his work as a diplomat. He had papers showing that he was going on a humanitarian mission. They hid him and denied him medical care.

He also noted that Saab never met his lawyer because every time they tried to enter the country, the authorities deported them. His communications were mainly via letters, twice a day, sent by his lawyer and sometimes he did not receive a response.

“The psychological torture did not stop. He was always psychologically tortured from day one until the last day in Cape Verde. It was physical torture at first. In prison they were permanent. They cut off both of his wrists and broke three of his teeth.”

Fabri confirmed that she was ready to defend her husband, despite the media campaign that developed against Saab and her family, who were in turn affected by these actions.

She emphasized that she felt accompanied and supported in her fight for Venezuela.

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