Albacete, among the top seven UK secondary school teachers

Esmeralda Salgado is an Albacete who has been in England for 20 years studying Spanish.
She is currently the Head of Languages ​​at King’s Ely College in Cambridgeshire.

I did this simple and developed international projects, twinning with IES Andres de Vandelvira From the capital of Albacete and the College of Chaloupe Saint Leu on the island of Reunion, with which he has implemented two Erasmus projects: United in Diversity, which won a national award in Great Britain, and The Village, where they are currently working. There have been several years of international cooperation where students exchange as part of Erasmus projects, to enhance language skills.

Winning the Silver Award, means being among the top 7 UK teachers for secondary education, and the first teacher to specialize in teaching foreign languages. This award is in recognition of his career, his work, his cooperation and most recently his contributions in the field of teaching where he participated in programs, conferences and courses for the Spanish Embassy in London. Visit his consulting work and teaching guide on his blog Which has more than 160,000 followers from all over the world.

The Gold Awards, the Gold Teacher of the Year award, will be decided in November at a ceremony broadcast by BBC Television. Currently, all Silver candidates, and an option to be Gold, have been invited to the English Parliament on 29 June for a ‘tea party’ with Britain’s Education Secretary.

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