ALBA-TCP demands the release of the Venezuelan plane seized in Argentina

CARACAS, Sept 6 (Prensa Latina) The Bolivarian Alliance of Peoples of the US Trade Treaty People’s ALBA-TCP today described the retention of the Venezuelan plane and its crew as illegal by the Argentine justice system and demanded its release.

The RIM said in a statement that the act “constitutes a violation of the basic human rights” of the crew, such as freedom of movement and respect for personal dignity.

He also denounced it as part of a new maneuver for non-compliance with the Charter of the United Nations and international law, on the basis of “the illegal unilateral coercive measures applied against Venezuela”.

The Alliance ratified the firm adherence to the premises of the “Declaration of Latin America and the Caribbean Region of Peace” of the Latin American and Caribbean Community, in the face of any action that attempts to harm the spirit of cooperation and friendship among the peoples of the nations… Sisters.

The memorandum confirmed that ALBA-TCP member states joined the call of the people and government of the Bolivarian Republic to release the Boeing 747 and its crew illegally detained by the judicial authorities in Argentina.

The plane of the Aerocargo del Sur Transport of Venezuelan airline Conviasa was hijacked, according to the Caracas authorities, while participating in various humanitarian relief missions in the region, in response to natural disasters.

In recent statements, President Nicolas Maduro stressed that the plane did not commit any national or international offense in Argentina and stressed that it was a maneuver against the Bolivarian Republic.

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He stressed that they are presenting a legal defense to recover the plane from his “hijackers”, which has not been able to leave the South American country with its crew for nearly three months, and for which no order or trial has been signed, he said.

The head of state assured that sooner rather than later justice will be done for this maneuver, which was promoted from the United States and implemented by the FBI.

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