Al-Sanabriya regains its luster after the epidemic

About 500 athletes from around the world will gather this morning on the second day of the Castilla y León K4 International Cup, taking place in the 59th edition of the Sanbria Regatta, which is regaining its splendor after the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. The competition, which has been presented for fifteen days as usual according to the national and international calendar, will serve as a rehearsal for the Spanish Championship, which will also be organized by the Federation of Castile and Leon next August in the waters of the Duero River. in Zamora.

In the international competition, Spain will face teams from Hungary, Denmark, Poland, Italy and the United Kingdom. Everything will start at 10 in the morning the general programme.

-10:00 hours. Regatta I: Women Veterans, Seniors, Over-23, Juniors and Cadets in K2, Men’s Veterans, Seniors, Sub-23s, Juniors and Cadets in K2 and C2. Absolute mixed K2.

-10:05 h. Regatta II: Women Veteran, Senior, Sub-23, Junior and Cadets in K1, Senior Women, Sub-23, Junior and Cadets in C-1. Veteran men, seniors, under-23s, youth and students in K1 and C1.

10:50 am. Regatta III: Seniors, Juniors and Cadet in K4. C4 Men’s Cadet, Youth and Senior Cadet and K4 Men’s Cadet.

-11:40 a.m. Regatta 4: Veteran men, seniors and youth in K4 and K4 absolute mixed.

-12:30 pm. Regatta V: Men’s K4 International Anthology.

-12:32 p.m. Sixth Regatta. International Anthology K4 Women.

-12:40 p.m. Regatta Seven: Regional Picks K4 Absolute Men.

-12:45 p.m. 8th Regatta. Regional Choices K4 Divorced Women.

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