Al Rayyan fans lose patience with James

The clarity that could be a healthy habit in James Rodriguez’s athletic career has been missed lately. The Colombian midfielder and the general public do not know at the moment what awaits one of the leaders of the tricolor, who was only recently seen in the company of friends and family.

Sportively, the last time Qatari club Al Rayyan, of which he is part, spoke about the Cocotinho midfielder, it was to confirm that he would be out of the field for at least three weeks, although he was seen days later. He visits Colombia to marry his sister and in the United States, to enjoy the Miami Heat game, in the NBA.

This Sunday, James uploaded two photos of him training in the gym to maintain his physical condition while waiting to be determined what will happen in his athletic career. The Colombian did not think about returning to Doha, despite his current contract with Al Rayyan until 2024.

Despite the fact that on this side of the world, admittedly, the ten will never wear the Qatar jersey again, they posted on social media a video on Monday with their best goals and assists in the recently concluded campaign.

The allegations of the Qatari club were a glorification of what his senior figures had done during the current year, but on the contrary, the recording was the subject of criticism for the player, and this was presented in the comments of the Twitter account.

It wasn’t just one or two matches, the Qatari club’s followers were quite upset with Rodriguez and on several occasions pointed out various points that breed mismatches: constant changes in his hair color, number of playing minutes and level of play. .

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The one who referred to James’ “look” emphasized:Look at the party money I paid her and it didn’t help at all, she thinks of nothing but dyeing her hair“.

In turn, another user dared to compare him to another player in the team: “The young man Tamim Mansour is better than him, if we compare them to the number of minutes he played.”

He’s an old player and that’s clear and we didn’t benefit from 1% of him.‘, also referred to as ‘old’.

“I thought and was disappointed” and “A very ordinary player,” the other comments that ended up being in response to the video posted by Al Rayyan.

For now, James keeps the negotiations of his representative Jorge Mendes and the offers he has on the table a complete mystery. A few weeks ago, there was talk of Turkey’s interest in his services, and recently the subject of Inter Miami was raised, based on the player’s close relationship with David Beckham and his recent visit to the city in Florida.

The truth is, the Colombian passed two days in the US and then came back to Colombia to spend days on vacation with friends, family, and his two kids. Earlier this month, he went live on Twitch and answered questions from his followers who, apparently, didn’t miss the opportunity to ask him where he’s going next.

“I don’t know where I’m going to play now. Let’s hope the transfer window opens to see who wants me. Wherever they want me, I go,” James said without talking about teams or tournaments, but making it clear that Al Rayyan is already part of his past.

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