Air defenses shoot down 21 Ukrainian drones over Crimea and four Russian regions

Moscow, January 30 (EVI).- The Russian Defense Ministry reported today that Russian air defense systems shot down a total of 21 Ukrainian drones last night over the Crimean Peninsula and the regions of Belgorod, Bryansk, Kaluga and Tula.

According to the military report, all devices used by the Ukrainian army in the attack were fixed-winged.

The defense explained that several drones were destroyed or intercepted over the Crimean Peninsula; 5 over Belgorod region; 3 in Bryansk; 1 in Kaluga and another in Tula, the last two regions that do not border Ukraine.

The Ukrainian army has been launching daily attacks on the Russian interior for several weeks, either with drones or missiles, including ballistic missiles.

Crimea, which will celebrate the tenth anniversary of its Russian annexation in March, is one of the priority targets for Ukrainian attacks.

On Monday, a Ukrainian drone attacked an oil refinery located 240 kilometers northeast of Moscow, without causing casualties or damage.

On the 21st of this month, a Ukrainian drone caused a fire at the Novatek gas station in the Ust Luga river port, next to the mouth of the Luga River in the Gulf of Finland, about 850 kilometers north of Ukraine.


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