AI will not turn against us in a subtle way

In the face of alarming messages, some experts published a very helpful article.

Artificial intelligence is still in its early stages technologically

Since the launch of GPT-4, there has been a great deal of uncertainty about the future of humanity in many aspects. Recently, an expert claimed that AI will escape our control very soon, and now it appears that a group of AI scientists have They want to release adverse information Trying to remove the ambiguity from some facts after a A deep scientific analysis of the situation. So, let's try to understand why Artificial intelligence will not escape our control any time soon And why wouldn't he do it in a subtle way too.

AI is not going mainstream anytime soon

Article published in a prestigious magazine Nature magazine The latest conference seeks to reassure everyone who believes that AI could pose a risk once artificial general intelligence (AGI) is achieved. Therefore, they wanted to make it clear that they expect A A very long way forwardTo determine if this might happen at some point.

The study is based on a recent hypothesis suggested by some researchers They saw how unpredictable and fast it was The AI ​​seemed like a truly high-level expert in multiple fields. However, this may be what these researchers described Mirage. We humans generate preconceived ideas about what AI can do, and when that is overcome, we believe it They are smarter than they really are.

Large AI systems, that is, those that use vast amounts of information, are expected to be They will end up being AGI sooner or later. However, there is still a long way to go to achieve this, but it is It is natural for them to master some skills with some skill, as in language. This is not that They achieve artificial general intelligence And she has intention Hide or camouflage itBut it's actually our preconceived notion of what regular AI can do.

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Bottom line:* There are many cases in which AI can gain intelligence unexpectedly.* However, the new study confirms that these cases are in fact Mirage.* This study also revealed information about the arrival of artificial general intelligence.* It shows that artificial general intelligence still has a long way to go.* In fact, this technology may never arrive.* However, the research itself ensures that there is nothing that can be ruled out. Totally so.

Although the message may seem contradictory, the presentation wanted to make it clear We have nothing to fear. In the short term, AI systems are not intelligent enough for us to entertain the idea that they will spiral out of control.

For now, as experts wanted to make clear, these types of events are little more than just events Mirage, a term they themselves used to be clear enough when it comes to revealing the impossibility of AI getting out of control without us knowing it. And at this moment everything points to that Artificial intelligence technology They are not advanced enough to be that intelligent, and it may take a long time to become so.

This doesn't mean that AI doesn't have some problems. Among the most obvious are those that deal with professions that will disappear even if they are not yet intelligent enough to equal or surpass humans.

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