After testing positive for COVID-19, how is Jorge Zarza’s health?

One of Azteca’s most beloved news anchors, Jorge Zarza announced that he had contracted COVID-19; The man was heavily criticized because only a few days ago he was going to attend group meetings for the company he works for.

the The driver of Hechos Domingo confirmed on December 30 that he had tested positive for the coronavirus On his PCR test, he wrote, “I join the stats. Released 2020 and got a book around 2021. I came out positive on my Covid test,” he said on Twitter.

This earned him many comments, especially because it would appear in the networks that he had many social gatherings in which there was no healthy distance and it seemed that the use of face masks was not strict either.

On the first of January, Jorge Zarza commented in his health monitoring log that he was still recovering It is clear that there were no factors or warning signs that could indicate a micro-infection.

A few hours before the 2021 close, the presenter shared a photo in which he can be seen using an oximeter on his finger, putting on it 95% oxygen saturation and 97 beats per minute, an important indicator.

Twitter @jzarzap

Jorge Zarza and his health condition on January 1, what did he say?

The driver stated that he had a high temperature and some discomfort, in this case, towards the beginning of the year, and the Azteca news anchor commented that he had severe headaches and severe respiratory constipation.

welcome!! Happy 2022!! I woke up today with a headache and severe constipation! still !! To give everything and first! day 3

Despite criticism and negative comments, Jorge Zarza has remained active on social media, even responding to malicious comments or wanting to harass him without being rude.

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For this reason, many of his followers wish him a speedy recovery.

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