After making his festivals debut and an award-winning career, “A Ferre” is Netflix.

After he made his movie debut, rented and purchased platforms last year, he won an award. “Fever”Written by Maya Da Rin Today it can also be seen on Netflix Brazil February 3. Produced by Tamandua Vermelo and Enquadranto Produce, in co-production with Still Moving (France) and Komplezon Film (Germany), with Vitrin films being distributed in Brazil. In addition to Brazil, the film will open at the Lincoln Center in New York, USA, on March 19 and will be screened in France in April. The film will also be shown in theaters in Canada, the United Kingdom and China.

Throughout its run, the film has won 29 awards so far and is scheduled to be shown in more than 60 festivals around the world. At the world premiere of the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland, “A Forest” won three awards: Golden Leopard for Best Actor, Regis Mairupu, International Critics Award for FIPRESCI and the award for “Environmental Ecology of Life”.

Ferre was also voted Best Film at festivals in France, China, Argentina, Portugal, America, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Germany and Spain. In Brazil, the film won by five candles at the 52nd Brasilia Festival – Best Feature Film, Best Direction, Best Actor by Regis Mirobo, Best Sound and Best Photography – Rio E Award for Best Film, Best Direction and Special Awards at the Festival, Best Sound in the Recife Window Global Cinema.


Desana Indian, 45, searches for a cargo port in Justino, Manaus. While his daughter was preparing to study medicine in Brasilia, he contracted a mysterious fever that sent him back to his hometown, where he left twenty years ago.

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Credit: Information via the press office

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