Aesthetics and portraits are professions with a future in the new digital and audiovisual environment

The year we left behind, dominated by the health crisis and its consequences, has completely changed our habits. The way we work, study, communicate, communicate and even have fun has changed. Live life more and more through a screen and that Raise the importance of aesthetic professionals to a new level And the picture, is now indispensable.

The consumption of “online” entertainment has exploded and the massive demand for content on platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime and others translates into The continuous increase in the production of series and films. But we have also witnessed a democratization process in content production and distribution. “ Influencers ” are victorious in all areas by sharing photos among their followers, holding more digital events (debates, meetings, concerts, festivals, mldr;), and companies are committed to providing more audio-visual materials and content creation, mainly through videos and ‘Look for books or catalogs on’ e-commerce ‘and mldr;

4 careers with a future

This opens up a new context New opportunities for careers in the aesthetic sector A personal portrait that is no longer limited to traditional hairdressing or beauty salon jobs, but will be required as an indispensable part of any audiovisual project’s technical direction to obtain a high-quality final product. Therefore, today and increasingly in the future, there will be more demand for professionals in these disciplines:

  • Make-up. It tops the list of the most in-demand professions in this field. It is an indispensable profession behind any digital or audiovisual event, because lighting or lenses affect the image and skin color. Plus, it is essential for creating amazing and fictional characters. The magic of makeup requires professionals with specialized training and keeps up with the latest trends.

  • Barber shop. A very demanding sector behind the screens and reinventing itself with developments in the trends, but this requires very delicate technology (like the demanding mailing we see in the popular “Bridgertons” series, for example). The future of hairdressing is in specialization and continuous training. Trends are rapidly advancing and the consumer who goes to the salon and asks what he sees through social networks needs a professional who mastered new technologies.

  • Aesthetic. A profession that goes hand in hand with technological developments and new treatments. Today, blogs and networks like Instagram or YouTube are committed to the beauty that shows diversity. The rise of the “nail art” for which Rosalia and the queens of urban music were known to re-launch a profession that had previously been less valuable. Techniques such as “microblading” or eyebrow lamination are an example that training is necessary to deliver high-demand and profitable services to salons.

  • Photo consulting. The high-level training course in personal and corporate image consulting covers fashion design, protocol and brand management in social networks, among many other disciplines. These professionals are required not only in mass production, but also for events, performances, and any material designed to be reproduced by screen.

Pilot training

Founded in 1985 by Carmen Cascara, Cascara Picture School It is the first high school of photography in Spain. In its 35-year history, the school has trained more than 40,000 professionals in various disciplines in the world of photography, Transfer passion and create the future. They are the pioneers in Spain in providing cosmetic courses for cinema, television, diagnostics and prosthetics.

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At Cazcarra Image School, high and middle grades are taught courses, which are approved by Generalitat de Catalunya, as well as UK and special degrees. she has Two face-to-face training centers in Barcelona: Higher School of Personal and Institutional Image, a center specializing in personal and corporate image counseling, make-up and hairdressing, and the Higher School of Beauty, Beauty and Health, a center specializing in aesthetics and balneotherapy.

Two of the primary pillars of education at Cazcarra Image School are interdisciplinary teaching and hands-on teaching. The school is getting ready Off-road experts who can defend themselves in various areas of the picture, With strong experience through ongoing professional practices at events such as the Gaudí Awards for the Catalan Film Academy for which they are official sponsors, or the Cavalcade of the Magi of Barcelona that they take care of year after year. . The Three Wise Men and their entire entourage or in collaborating companies like Desigual, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, or Nike.

An “online” education designed specifically for the student

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Cazcarra Image School also suggests An alternative to the face-to-face learning model It lays its foundations on three important pillars: educational materials, a virtual campus (a platform with endless theoretical and practical materials available at any time and place) and the support of the teaching team. Hence, students can get the same distance training, but with advantages Online training ”Dynamic, flexible, and without offset.

The school continues to innovate and It adapts to the needs of the day. It creates new online courses (very soon it will add the hairdressing area this way) and is also launching its new website and “e-commerce” platform where you can buy the courses “online”.

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