Adele reveals warm new song “Hold On” in Amazon Holiday ad

A preview of a new Adele song has appeared in a Christmas ad on Amazon; You can see it above.

The ad, which came out today (November 8), features a sneak peek at the new song “Hold On,” a sentimental piano ballad and the second track from Adele’s upcoming album, 30.

Song lyrics include: “I swear to God I’m a mess, and the more I try, the more I regret / Every day seems to be the path I’m on, it can open up and swallow me whole” And ” Let time be patient / Let the pain be gentle / Just wait, just wait / I will live. “

The ad focuses on an act of kindness towards a young woman who struggles while seemingly lonely at Christmas. A background report was heard saying: “In other news, anxiety is growing in young people as experts warn of the effects on well-being caused by the pandemic.”

A neighbor approaches the young woman and sends her a care package.

The ad ends with the message: “Kindness. The best gift.”

(Youtube site)

Meanwhile, Adele is back to sing in a high profile show in London attended by many celebrities over the weekend.

The ceremony, marking their first UK performance in four years, was taped and will be shown on ITV on November 21.

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titled audience with adeleThey will be releasing just two days after the release of their fourth album 30 It is his first album in six years.

Adele’s next album has already broken records for becoming the most secretive album ever, while her single “Easy on Me” topped the UK singles chart for two weeks.

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