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British singer Adele He confirmed on Friday that he was feeling “strong” when he presented in the UK the song “Easy On Me” from his new album “30”, which will go on sale on November 19 and will be his first job in six years.

The artist, born in 1988 in London, explained in an interview with BBC2 that she feels, after difficult years, in a position of “strength” that allows her to express “weakness”.

On the album, in which he talked about his divorce from Simon Konecki in 2019, he admitted that it was “hard work”.

“He sang things I didn’t even know he’d feel or think, but I’m very proud of him.” Pointing out that after a period in which she lost the ability to appreciate musical talent, the singer served her as a “smuggler.”

Her new song is a piano song that appears to be addressing her ex-husband and their 8-year-old son Angelo to explain why they broke up.

The black-and-white-turned-midway-to-colour video, directed by Xavier Dolan and shot in September in Canada, was posted at midnight on YouTube, and has now racked up more than eighteen million views worldwide.

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