Access to food for welfare and quality of life

Civil society, associations and government work together so that every citizen covers his or her basic nutritional needs: Cristina Alcerica

CHEtumal: Cristina Alcerica, PVEM local representative, today, Tuesday, as coordinator of the “Quintana Roo Welfare and Development Agreement”, participated in the agenda: access to food, in the axis of welfare and quality of life.

Cristina Alcerica noted that the aim of these working groups is to join the will of civil society, associations and government so that all residents of Quintana Roo enjoy a better quality of life.

“Under the new Quintana Roo Sponsorship Agreement, the Chief Executive is inviting not only the various government agencies but also the organized civil society and society in general to join and participate in building this agreement that works for them and everyone,” the local MP noted.

During the first day of work, social welfare issues were discussed with the participation of different voices who contribute, from their own experience and their daily actions, in a clear and objective manner, with very specific proposals on how to improve the nutrition of the case.

Cristina Alserica emphasized that although it is a young and prosperous country that has set records in attracting international tourism, there are still communities with a large margin of extreme poverty, even within cities there are informal settlements and neighborhoods that are not covered by their residents. Basic nutritional needs.

Faced with this situation, Green’s deputy indicated that a concrete participation will be established on how to improve food because one of the agreements of the 2030 Agenda is to fight poverty and within it improve food.

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Christina Alserica noted that “work schedules will be held to build the development plan of the state on the basis of the interaction that took place with citizens, associations and institutions so that, together, the quality of life for all residents can be improved.”

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