Academics believe that revocation is ratification of the mandate

The day of revocation of the mandate was positive for the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, which serves as an affirmation in the office; Despite the fact that the exercise was not actually feasible due to the low turnout.

Political science researchers separately agreed on the previous point, Paulino Ernesto Arellanes JimenezMaster’s degree in political science, academic Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP); Claudia Ramon PerezResearcher at the Faculty of Political Science Autonomous People’s State University of Puebla (Upaep); s Hermenio Sanchez de la BarqueraDean of Social Sciences at Upaep.

On the other hand, Arellanes Jiménez asserted that the President of Mexico is taking advantage of the cancellation of his term to declare that the majority of citizens want him to continue to lead the government; It highlights that his opposition did not come to express its opinion in the polls.

And he emphasized that, in a way, because before the abolition of the mandate, there was already an idea of ​​what had happened, the low turnout and the triumph of the continuity of the President of Mexico, before that, More work is needed by the opposition in the upcoming elections.

for this part, Claudia Ramon PerezA researcher in the School of Political Science at Oppe University highlighted that expectations of low voter participation, less than one in five, have been met.

He stressed that although this process was planned as abolition of mandate, in fact, Works as confirmation in the officeinitiated by the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

“This process was planned as de-authorization, but in fact it acts as a mandate endorsement. When we talk about certification, it is a practice that allows us to legitimize ourselves. We said there is no need given the president’s popularity and approval ratings, but having those pedigrees doesn’t mean getting It shall have the result of the consultation, regardless of the number of participants. He stressed that the majority supported the president and it is an instrument that allows him to say: I have seen, I legitimized myself, and I still trust me.”

He indicated that the results of the impeachment of the President will be occupied by the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorTo give continuity to his work projects that were in question.

“Now, you will be able to say that they agree with your mandate and your projects. You can say: Now we will carry out the projects even if the opposition or whatever you want to name it. He noted that this was the key element in the consultations, to legitimize and strengthen the exercise of power by the President of Mexico.”

While, Hermenio Sanchez de la BarqueraThe Dean of Social Sciences at Upaep, described it as a futile and costly exercise on de-delegation day because its results are not binding due to low participation.

“With this percentage of approval the president got, what is the need to go through an invalidation process that costs so much money? It was a waste of people’s time. For me, there was no point in going to the vote because a president with this percentage of approval doesn’t need to No process of this kind.


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