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At this point and after the embodiment of “Brexit” or the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, The reintegration of the British military colony of Gibraltar into Spanish sovereignty must be a reality.

A territory that voted heavily to remain in the European Union and is doomed to the status of a third country territory, only the restoration of Spanish sovereignty would restore its “European” status to that part of the territory. Spain had nothing to do but comply with EU clauses on border crossings of people and goods. Gibraltar’s request to return to Spain was the simplest.

However, a skilful campaign by British diplomacy and pressure from some Spanish collaborators in the region, who want to believe the colonial presence is a source of endless benefits, has pushed the government into several wrong steps since 2016., from which the European Union had to remove us for not knowing how to defend our own. The presence of border workers is not inevitable for Spanish governments to succumb to illegal British allegations. There is no British sovereignty over Gibraltar, nor is the isthmus their land, for taking it was contrary to international law, and there are no territorial waters of Gibraltar, since the Treaty of Utrecht of 1713 ceded only the Castle and the Rock. . Nor is it true that the economic well-being of a region depends on the colony. Rather, the colony is based on Campo de Gibraltar From where they are supplied, as if they were good neighbours, the water and energy and the pollution of our judicial waters are tolerated and the evacuation of the remaining waters is accepted.

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The summer period has kept us very busy. So much so that the approval of the United Kingdom’s National Maritime Security Strategy has gone unnoticed, in which, in relation to Gibraltar, a 12-mile territorial sea has been created, and the exclusive economic zone is supposed to extend to the area of ​​the Sea of ​​Dawn.

The official opening of the course United Nations General Assemblywhere heads of government and prime ministers from all over the world go, would have been the perfect occasion to denounce this outrage and They demand compliance with international law and the decisions of this body which recognizes the duty to respect the territorial integrity of Spain by the United Kingdom. But this did not happen, and instead, the Spanish intervention was completely unremarkable. It is well known that interferences with national sovereignty only concern us when they occur on third countries, and not on our own.

Undoubtedly, the State Department will prepare the corresponding note of protest. What we want to remember through these lines.

The important thing is to realize it once and for all The United Kingdom has maintained a strong defense of its untenable position; That all its political forces went in the same direction as was supported by its army and its people.

The same cannot be said of the Spanish governments, they are much more muddled and confused. Although it is true that the British did not waste a single domestic or international crisis for fresh anti-Spain criticism in Gibraltar, in pursuit of the impossible unification of the unacceptable claims.

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It doesn’t matter that Spain and the UK are NATO allies and, until recently, both are members of the European Union. It is not loyalty or a sense of alliances that characterizes the international behavior of the United Kingdom, a country that, let us remember, has no permanent allies but only permanent interests.

The curious idea of ​​creating a co-prosperity zone through a cross-border cooperation number is a British idea that would enforce the free movement of people and goods.and consolidating the advantageous position of London and its military colony. Because that’s what it’s about. Gibraltar is a military colony of the United Kingdom. This is the only reason you exist. Facilitating the maneuvers and operations of the Royal Navy anywhere in the world, controlling Spanish communications and controlling the Strait of Gibraltar. If, by the way, she can continue to annex the Spanish territory, as she intends in her naval strategy, it will be much better.

European provisions on freedom of movement, border control and taxation must be strictly enforced; Whatever corresponds to a territory preferably a third state. We are already seeing attempts to circumvent what was agreed on Northern Ireland. We have been warned.

As a coastal region with a qualified naval force, our country is in a position to ensure the security of passage through the strait, comply with the obligations of the Allies and be at the head of NATO’s command in the region that allows the development of potential operations on the southern front. As well as ensuring compliance with community regulations.

So far, the European Union has supported Spain as a member state against the United Kingdom, but this is difficult if our national position is unclear and smooth.

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At this time, the Spanish people must be aware of the unfavorable situation for our national interests and demand action on the basis of national dignity. This has no political color.

Natividad Fernandez Sola is Professor of Public International Law at the University of Zaragoza

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