Abbas calls on the international community to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza and “put an end to genocide.”

Today, Tuesday, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called on the international community to support the humanitarian aid programs presented during the conference held in Jordan to support the Palestinian population in the face of the aggression launched by the Israeli army against the Gaza Strip. Abbas stated that “the time has come to put an end to genocide” and “crimes” committed by Israeli forces in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, while calling for “pressure” on Israel to reopen the border crossings in Gaza and the Gaza Strip. Handing over its control to the Palestinian government, headed by So, he stressed that the Palestinian authorities have already given the international community a “roadmap” for aid delivery, restoration of basic services, and institutional and financial reform, and added that the Palestinian Authority is ready to assume its responsibilities in Gaza after the end of the conflict. For this reason, he reiterated that it was necessary to have a ceasefire agreement leading to the withdrawal of Israeli forces in light of the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital, which was incorporated into Israel. The United Nations, according to the Palestinian Wafa News Agency. He said, “We reaffirm that the political solution based on legitimate international resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative requires the State of Palestine to obtain a seat in the United Nations and be recognized by more countries.” This step, including Spain. For its part, the authorities of the Gaza Strip, which is controlled by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), asked the participants in the summit held in Amman to “take concrete and urgent measures” to “save” the residents of the Strip, as they put it, according to what was reported by the “Falesteen” newspaper linked to the group. The Ministry’s official spokesman in Gaza stressed, “We call on the countries gathered at the International Conference for the Emergency Response to the Gaza Strip to take concrete and urgent measures to save the Strip, which was destroyed by the Israeli occupation, on the humanitarian and health levels.” Health, the most honorable ability. Israel launched an attack on Gaza after the attacks carried out by Hamas on October 7 against Israeli territory, which left about 1,200 people dead and about 240 kidnapped. Authorities in Gaza reported that more than 37,100 Palestinians were killed, in addition to more than 520 killed in the West Bank and East Jerusalem at the hands of Israeli forces or settler attacks.

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