A young Chilean develops a polymer capable of regenerating human bones

Jose Ignacio Contreras, MA Bioengineering of the Adolfo Ibáñez University (UAI) College of Engineering and Sciences created an innovative health item. that it porous polymer able to give Live Cell Support that allow bone growth.

The structure contains particles Vital glass They are called scaffolding, which in Spanish is known as scaffolding “scaffold”, It is also biodegradable.

Jose Ignacio Contreras He commented, “This The find is amazing From then until now, for example in pediatric surgeries, it has been assumed that normal bone growth after major surgery means a second intervention over time, to avoid the release of toxic particles and a series of complications that can now be eliminated.

As provided in third, Scientific study published in the journal Advance biomaterials It started in 2021, which made it possible to produce a high fidelity prototype thanks to a 3D biological printer.

The prototype can be implemented thanks to the combined effort of Swiss Federal Laboratory for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) And in UAI Viña del Mar Bioengineering Center in Chile.

Technology that blends engineering and medicine

this kind of items with biomaterials allowed to develop Devices most faithful to human nature. The porous structure created is a major advance in terms of the use of metal structures in orthopedic surgeries which may be older success rates.

Juan Francisco Vivanco, academician from the College of Engineering and Sciences and director of the interdisciplinary research group B3Mat, commented in this regard: “We are making Elements artificial l Improve muscle and bone functions. Engineering knows how to build in a controlled way, and biology knows the cell and biological systems well.”

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