A woman was sentenced to prison for building stables

woman in United kingdom

He was sentenced to prison after building illegally Stables Without permission from the authorities, because they refused to demolish it and refused to pay the corresponding fine.

It’s about Tracy Carter52, initially received as a penalty a fine of £167,000, just over 3,905,000 Mexican pesos, because he violated local planning laws.

However, slim He refused to pay the fine and instead took a vacation trip to Türkiye

She accompanied her friends to go out to celebrate at night in the aforementioned destination.

Tracy Carter built stables without permission. | Facebook Tracy Carter.

Who is Tracy Carter accused of?

swamp Built six Stablesas well as a carriage house on his land in Aqueduct Lane, in the village of Alechurch, Worcestershire, although he never obtained planning permission for it.

Bromsgrove District Council said the buildings were an “inappropriate development” and could cause “unacceptable” damage to the green area. Not satisfied with that, he announced it as a sports facility and rented it to a third person.

Because of this illegal action, a court in Kidderminster ordered the woman in November 2022 to pay the fine, as well as demolish the stables and mobile home in which she was living.

How long has Tracy Carter been in prison?

Although he had the opportunity to appear in court, Tracy Carter She did not appear and was convicted.

A year later, a district judge warned Tracy He could remain behind bars if he does not pay the fine. However, on 20 May 2024, District Judge Ian Strongman handed down a one-year prison sentence against swampFor not agreeing to refuse to pay the fine.

The British Daily Mail newspaper confirmed that the stables, which include six horses and the mobile home, are still standing this week.

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