A video clip shows guards beating a colleague

Members of the National Guard subdued and beat a colleague whose pants had been lowered.

at Published by journalist Marco Coronelat least four agents are shown pressing the man while hitting him and laughing.

political animal I contacted spokespersons for the Security and Citizens Protection Secretariat (SSPC) and the National Guard (GN), who initially responded that they were reviewing the case and could not at present issue a position.

Moments later, GN posted a series of messages on Twitter in which it indicated that the incident was already under investigation by its internal affairs unit and that corresponding penalties would be applied to those who acted outside the disciplinary system of this security institution.

Since June 2019, when it was created, and until December 2021, the National Guard has carried out more than 260 police operations, but only admitted to using excessive force in one case, despite the presence of more than 400 complaints against it. for alleged violations of human rights and even recommendations from national and international organizations regarding violations committed by elements of this institution.

Civic organizations such as the Miguel Agustin Pro Juárez Center for Human Rights deplore this, despite the fact that in May 2019 the National Law on the Use of Force came into force, which obliges both the police and military institutions to be transparent and accountable every time their members act. Using force — whether by verbally persuading someone, using self-defense techniques like hand locks, or using firearms — the National Guard has repeatedly denied access to that information.

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