A user assembled his gaming PC using wood screws, and the result was a technician’s surprise

When to buy a computer for games, a large number of users decide Assemble your kit before you buy one With all components already installed.

This means that at least creatives already have enough knowledge to perform these kinds of actions without suffering unexpected consequences. However, on some occasions, there are some stories that usually don’t end well, in this case, for a user Revealed on Reddit An unexpected item he used on his team: wooden screws.

According to Thememaged, the author of the post, a friend of his who works in a computer workshop came across a rather strange “modification” in which the customer used wood screws, fixing with them the struts that allow the placement of CPU fan to the motherboardsomething that can have serious consequences, and cause damage to components and other elements of the equipment.

A team saves by chance

Despite the astonishing nature of the “fault”, what astonished the technician was that the customer used wood screws instead of the ones that come standard, but despite the “scandalous” nature of the matter, and contrary to logic, the technician revealed that all components survived and Just I had to update bios To make it compatible with the 5000 CPUs that the customer installed on their own.

Surprisingly, the team had a happy ending, because even in all its ignorance, the user It did not damage any of the internal components from computer.

Themegood also commented that in the past he had taken a technical communication course, where he was taught to write and teach instruction manuals, with a fairly straightforward premise: “We expect people to be stupid, not smart’, although I thought this user had gone above and beyond.

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