A strange disease affecting hundreds of dogs who visited beaches is causing concern in the United Kingdom


13 ene 2022 23:50 GMT

A large number of reports confirm that pets became ill after walking along the coasts. However, experts see no links to beach use.

Several dog owners in the county of East Yorkshire, England, UK, have warned that their pets have fallen ill after walking on the coasts of the area, although, after recent inspections, authorities have not revealed a “direct link” between the region and the diseases.

Local vets claim to have treated cases severe vomiting and diarrhea In dogs that have recently visited the northeast coast. in a publishing On Facebook, pets from the Yorkshire Coast claimed that they “flooded“for dogs that have suffered from an inexplicable condition and urges authorities to investigate the problem.

Since the first cases were identified, local media have done it mentioned Hundreds of dogs were affected, while the first post on this topic was reported on social media More than 1500 responses.

One owner, Cath Baggins, recounted that a cocker spaniel puppy was spending six days in a veterinary clinic after walking in the Bridlington area. Other owners have reported similar situations in Whitby, Robin Hoods Bay, South Gare and South Beach, and have advised dog walkers to avoid the coast until the cause of the illness has been identified.

The UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has confirmed it is in contact with the Animal and Plant Health Agency regarding the reports. However, coastal service experts from East Yorkshire Council assert that they have not found “Nothing abnormalDuring the inspections carried out on the coast.

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They confirmed from the council that there are dogs who contracted the disease in the area without visiting the beaches, which indicates that they may be one “general disease in dogs“.

“Based on reports from local veterinary surgeries, the disease they are monitoring has not been found in dogs and tests performed There is no direct link to use the beachKirsty Salisbury, the council’s general manager of coastal services, concluded.

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