A series of only 8 chapters is one of Netflix’s global trends: what is it?

Including Shame, a Polish series that sparks a lot of talk among fans. With only 8 45-minute chapters, A very engaging story unfolds.

This dramatic production stars Zofia Jastrzybska, Sebastian Ach, Magdalena Čerewska and Camille Piotrowski. The film is directed by Alena Malyshevska and written by Dana Lukasinska, Alina Malyshevska, and Julieta Olczewska.

It premiered on August 6, 2023 and has one season that promises to make you question life. And think about breaking social boundaries that often do not allow dreams to come true.

Netflix series

Summary of Infamy, the hit Netflix series

The film is about a 17-year-old girl who lives trapped between her gypsy roots and the pressures of her friends. She aspires to be a hip hop artist despite her strict parents.

After living for several years in the United Kingdom, a young Roma woman named Gita and her family return to their native Poland. There, Geeta tries to find herself, discover her passion, and live the life of a girl her age.

But when he falls in love, he must manage to reconcile the world of modern teenagers with the family rules imposed by tradition.

This fiction reflects the problems of the Roma in Poland and the cultural clashes they face.

Shame Trailer

INFAMIA (2023) movie, with subtitles, online, Netflix

Shame crew

This drama series features the following actors as protagonists:

  • Zofia Jastrzebska
  • Magdalena Czerveska
  • Camille Piotrowski
  • Artur Dzerman
  • Wanda Rani Kozowska
  • Buena Baczkowska
  • Konrad Bogosawski
  • Manuel Debicki
  • Melissa Gabor
  • Angelo Scioriga
  • Joseph View
  • Branko Ori

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