A resident doctor disappears in Tabasco; Protests of the medical community in the government palace


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Students and doctors protested in front of the government palace in Tabasco For the disappearance of the resident surgeon at the Hospital Gustavo a Rovirosa, Minerva Marmoligo Moreno.

The young woman took a taxi or a private unit at 04:00 this Wednesday and sent a voice message warning that she felt in danger, “I think they’re kidnapping me.”He said.

after what happened From the start, the medical and student community has called for the mobilization of #niunabatamenos To put pressure on the authorities and speed up the search for the young woman, originally from Michoacan state

The case has already been reported to the Deputy Prosecutor General’s Office for high-impact crimes from State Prosecutor’s Office (FGE) to conduct a corresponding investigation.

Meanwhile, the governor of Tabasco, Carlos Manuel Merino CamposShe posted on social media that there was already a detainee, but she did not go into details.

During his tour in Paraiso Municipality to commemorate “Navy Day”The state president stopped by to meet with members of the Cabinet and the federal authorities responsible for keeping the peace.

“In the early hours of this day, in the municipality of Paraiso, the members of the Peace and Security Building Table gathered in Tabasco.Attending and following up on the disappearance of the resident doctor at Gustavo Rovirosa Hospital and establishing a joint business for its location. There is coordination in the work and the videos were reviewed, and with the investigation the alleged perpetrator was arrested.”

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