A player in the All Star game, will decide whether to play with Mexico or the United States at a higher level

new football player common point of view National teams of Mexico and the United States And it was placed under the magnifying glass to be called by MLS for him star game Next Wednesday 25 August in Los Angeles Bank Stadium in California. it’s about Ricardo Pepe, FC Dallas forward.

Ricardo Pepe& nbsp; She was born on January 9, 2003 in El Paso, Texas; Her parents are Mexican, originally from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. play for him FC Dallas Since the 2019 season and in the current 2021 campaign, he is fourth in the singles scoring chart with eight goals. And therefore MLS added him to the All-Star Team with Carlos Vela and Javier Chicharito Hernandez.

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Regarding the national teams, Ricardo Pepe& nbsp; He played with the Mexico sub-team and then 17 of the United States in which he participated in the Brazil 2019 World Cup, but his international future in terms of the first team is “in the air,” as outlined in an interview with Gateway. FC Dallas.

Mexico has already searched for Ricardo Pepe

“When I make the decision, I will go to the team that I feel closest to. If I feel closer to Mexico, it will be them. If I feel closer to the United States, it will be them, but it is also about how they make me feel as a player,” the striker said.

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Although he already had experience with age-limited selection from the United States, Ricardo Pepe He revealed that he had already been in contact with Mexican Football Federation.mexican national teamFor what they want me to be, I have a great opportunity and if I keep doing things well, I can go with them to the World Cup.”

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Ricardo Pepe, has been in the MLS for three seasons (Image: Getty Images)

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