A new YouTube change that no one asked for, but this one is interesting

Let’s face it: YouTube Play Bar Not the best you can include. This is hidden when watching a video and appears when you tap the screen so that you can animate playback. The problem is that in small mobile phones or people with big fingers, moving the red dot to the desired area is not always easy. It’s not complicated, but YouTube can make it better. That’s exactly what you’re doing with the latest update that will be rolling out to users around the world soon.

New YouTube gesture that improves videos

YouTube is testing a file New gesture to control video playback in the Android app. It was discovered on Reddit and it’s only a matter of time before it reaches all users of the app. it’s a The goal is to improve reproduction Facilitating the user to move forward or backward to a specific point.

So now, to go to a specific point in the video, it is necessary to press on the screen, the playback bar appears, then press and hold the red dot and move it to the selected point. The situation will continue like this, but it will be supplemented by a new way of moving forward or backward.

Users will be able to Click any point on the screen And swipe your finger left or right to move playback. It’s nothing entirely new, as some outside players have been using this gesture for years.

change is not bad, But it will improve the way YouTube has to move playback to a specific area. In addition, as you advance your finger, the screen will show what is being reproduced in that part so you can know when you have to stop to see x stuff.

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It’s an update for YouTube for Android Minor, but it will improve video playback for many users. The current method is not epic, but it could be improved.


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