A new variant is growing in the UK: Ómicron BA.2

The Covid-19 cases in the UK It could increase in the hands of a new variant of Omicron, suggests a React-1 study from Imperial College London.

This study found that cases of Covid-19 sponsored by a New variant of Micron or BA.2 or hidden variant, occurs most frequently in adults older than 55 years; Experts suggest that Covid can spread again at high levels.

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BA.2 is a substrain of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 carrying fIt is set as a variable under investigation After the sudden rise in positive cases shown by the British Health Agency in February.

Figures available as of January 24, 2022 indicate that they have been identified 1072 genetically confirmed cases of BA.2 disease in EnglandAccording to the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA).

There is already BA.2 in Denmark, where the majority of patients with this variant have been found, although experts warn that the new strain is on track to overtake the BA.1 strain in the UK.

All current vaccines are designed to work against the original Wuhan variant and with each mutation the virus takes, there is likely to be more escape from the vaccine.

But that doesn’t mean our vaccines don’t hold up well.As we have seen with Ómicron BA.1, while cases have risen, critical illness and mortality have not persisted to the same degree as before the population was vaccinated.

There is evidence to suggest that the BA.2 variant causes mild disease and that most vaccines are resistant, although a severe decrease in immunity occurs in the elderly.

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