A new generation of medical professionals graduate from UABJO

Oaxaca. -. With the firm intention of responding to the health needs of the local and global community, the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the Autonomous University of Oaxaca “Benito Juárez” (FMC-UABJO) has introduced a new generation of professionals to the community.

As a result of the foregoing, a graduation ceremony was held for the “2016-2020 Generation” of Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, a work dedicated to the memory of the white area staff who died from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Presiding over the ceremony, the President of this Study House, Eduardo Bautista Martinez, acknowledged the dedication of the medical staff during this emergency and highlighted the work and selflessness of alumni, alumni and students, who, with a humanitarian and service calling, have remained at the forefront of care in clinics and hospitals.

Accompanied by the Secretary General, Leticia Mendoza Toro, he congratulated the 292 alumni and alumni and their families for trusting the institution and making it another possible goal in their training.

“Today we are once again committed to society and affirm the substantive work of our university, always committed to education of a supportive human nature,” he said.

For his part, the director of the college, Luis Manuel Sanchez Navarro, said that this generation will be historic for its perseverance and love for the profession, “the last year polished our character, strengthened our vocation and made us, in addition to teachers, human specialists.”

During this event, “Dr. Ramón Jiménez Caballero 2020 “to Student Aura Jocelyn Sánchez Gómez, for her outstanding academic performance and humanitarian spirit, with the hope of being an important member of the National Medical Corps.

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She was also recognized as having the best average of her generation for Maria Isabel Mendes Jimenez.

The event was attended by the Deputy Director General for Innovation and Quality of Health Services, Hector Matos Santiago, on behalf of the Minister of Health, Juan Carlos Marques Heine; Technical Council Secretary Miguel Angel Reyes Franco.

In addition to the representative of the Science Prize Committee, Claudio Jimenez Caballero; represented by the Head of ISSSTE Services, Maria Blanco Sarmiento Reyes, Dr. José Emiliano Camacho Escobar; IMSS Corporate Planning and Communication Coordinator, Leticia Aurelia Martinez Cruz, as well as the academic and administrative staff of the College.

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