A new free PS2 emulator is sneaking into the Xbox Store

Not a few developers are those who have tried to release an emulator for other Xbox consoles. Microsoft’s hardware is very powerful and can handle older hardware like the ones we’re dealing with today. And today we introduce a new emulator for PlayStation 2, Sony’s most successful console can now be played on Xbox One and Xbox Series.

The emulator in question is available on the Microsoft Store, but there’s a little “trick” that it hasn’t been banned from the Store yet, because technically it doesn’t comply with the company’s policies because it doesn’t allow emulators to be downloaded. It is published in hidden formso you can’t technically access it using a browser.

Free PS2 Emulator for Xbox One and Xbox Series

The emulator is completely packaged with Games SDK and not Apps SDK, so for console it’s a game, not an app. In addition, its creators do not take advantage of it, it is free for everyone and there are no ads or strange moves.

I tested the emulator with Bloody Roar 3, one of my favorite games on PS2 and it runs in full screen, peers and texture filtering at 1080p without any issues. At all times it maintained 45/50 fps without issues. This is at least in the Xbox Series X version, as there is another one for Xbox One.

Like I said, you can’t access the emulator from the store normally. Luckily You don’t need developer mode to be active either.. Simply go to one of the access URLs from the console’s Edge browser, where you will see the app and it will be installed from the store. Then you download the BIOS packages and mount it from a flash drive and that’s it. As for ISO standards, you know, it’s not legal to share, so…do it at your own risk.

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I leave you a video explaining how to do the process and download links. In case you want to give it a try, I’m personally delighted and think I’ll play Rogue Galaxy again.

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