A National Series 3 pitcher has arrived in the US on humanitarian parole

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Saydl Bina. The photo is from his Facebook profile.

A few days after the end of the Cuban National Baseball Series, with Las Tunas sweeping the Industries in four games, Antilles baseball suffered the loss of another young player due to emigration. In this case, the athlete, who did not participate in the recently completed 62nd edition, will continue his life in the United States, the country to which many of his compatriot baseball players left this year.

Pitcher Saidel Peña Gómez of Artemiza arrived in North America about three days ago, specifically in the city of Las Vegas, through human parole, according to what the player himself told Cobalt. He added that he plans to continue his sports career there, although he has not yet set a date for the start of training, as he arrived recently.

Born in the municipality of Caimito, he was in the 57th, 58th and 60th editions with the fishermen, under the orders of the late Dani Valdespino and Manuel Orlando Viejoa. In 25 games, he scored seven games, with a record of one win and three losses, hit . 349, had an earned run average of 7.09, struck out 28 times and gave out 31 tickets. Of the 24 extra base hits accepted, seven were home runs.

After passing Artemisa, Peña, in mid-2021, joined the Industries pre-selection with a 61st Series goal, but failed to win his fourth Major League Baseball contest with Team Havana.

Shortly after the Lions’ “pre” was announced, it was revealed a portion of the Cazadores center (receivers and pitchers) that was being prepared on the field on July 26 had Saydal surprisingly one of the twenty-five pitchers.

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At that time, faced with this situation, our magazine called a player from the team led by Lázaro Arturo Castro and said: “He did not ask for a letter here, in Artemisa, although it is already known that he trains with Industriales in Changa”.

The right-hander, born on January 17, 1998, competed in the 2017 and 2018 National Under-23 Championships. In this category and in the youth category, he mostly served as a starter.

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