“A Mexican would be proud of Mexico against the United States,” Coca promised

Rafael RamosESPN Digital Sports AnalystJune 14, 2023, 21:22 ETReading: 3 minutes.

Diego Coca hopes to make the Mexican fans proud in front of the United States

The El Tre coach said he understood what it meant for Mexican fans to beat their northern neighbor in football.

Las Vegas – Do you understand Diego Coca That for Mexicans of all levels, countries and scenarios it is very important to encounter it United States, as is the case for choosing Argentina Face EnglandFor historical scenarios off the field?

This is the coach’s response three to a frank question, stressing that the Mexican fan will be proud of what the Mexican national team will do on Thursday against United State.

Coca emphasized that his players want to win and feel obligated.Getty Images

“I’ve been coming here for 20 years. Mexico. I have played games in United StateI have played games Mexico. I represented him Mexico with my club Libertadores Cup And I completely understand what it represents, and I experienced it with the national team, and for some reason they call it the (SUM) tour that we are local, that’s how we feel, that’s what makes us feel, “the Argentine coach noted

“This morning a lot of people came to support the team. And I know the Mexican, the Mexican is noble, the Mexican wants to feel his identity on the pitch. And we have the possibility of being able to show the Mexican, especially the Mexican who lives in United State He misses his home country, and he can feel a sense of integration with us, so tomorrow we have a beautiful opportunity.” Coca.

That’s why artistic Mexican national team It proves that with dedication and commitment, “miracles can be done,” such as victory United StateThis Thursday at Allegiant Stadium.

“This choice has desire and commitment. It has a little work, but with desire and will miracles can be worked. So we start to believe in ourselves and we want people who see the team to believe, knowing the chair where I am and knowing there are more people who want me to go than to stay.” “, he added. Coca.

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