A meteor flash stunned the United Kingdom

Several cities in Reno UNIDO had a somewhat different monthly ending than usual. February he said goodbye to a phenomenon in a certain sky, Something that only residents of cities like Manchester, Cardiff or Honiton could offer last Sunday night, As March approaches the move in 2021.

He saw a few minutes before ten o’clock when, For about seven seconds, a meteor passed over British cities, With hundreds of residents looking up at the sky and surprised at what they saw. This phenomenon was captured by various cameras in the cities of the United Kingdom, Clearly visible in the pictures that They have passed hours after passing close to Earth.

As Meteor Network UKAnd the The body had “slow motion with visible fragmentation”. In addition, they explained that the meteorite “It exploded in a huge tail of orange sparks behind like gigantic fireworks.” An effect that security camera photos and videos can capture without problems before dark.

The networks didn’t take long to joke around with the aliens

The appearance of this celestial body last Sunday night, It didn’t take long to be one of the talking points on social media, especially on Twitter. Soon after, photos of the event began to appear. Even app users joke about the matter, indicating that they could even be aliens reaching Earth: “So you areA huge fiery meteor flew over my home in Cardiff It may hold strange capsules This is the end of days. “

“We have epidemics and floods … Now comes an alien invasion? “, Another social network user wrote in his profile, accompanied by a photo of the meteorite posted on their UK Meteor Network account.

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