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President Evan Duque has laid out an intense international agenda since last week that has taken him from the United Kingdom to France, then to the United Arab Emirates and Israel. In addition to taking ambitious environmental commitments at COP26 held in Glasgow (Scotland), in his meetings with government and business leaders of those countries, he reached agreements on a significant amount of foreign investment to reach the country in various sectors of our economy. . However, he also had to deal with the insolence of the Minister of Defense, Diego Molano, who put unnecessary tension on Colombia’s relations with Iran, by classifying this country as an enemy because it is also an enemy of Israel, despite the fact that the country has good diplomatic relations with the Iranians.
In environmental matters, Duque has shown himself as a leader who is convinced to move faster in the fight against climate change and even has commitments that are not easy to fulfill, but that the country must strive to help prevent global warming. The hurried way you come in. Everything indicates that the target of planting 180 million trees will be achieved (certainly 150 million trees already exist), but there are doubts whether it will be possible to eliminate deforestation in the country in 2030, by doing the same. History There will be a current level of greenhouse gas emissions reduced by 51% and reach carbon neutrality by 2050, as promised by the Colombian president in Glasgow.
The most positive thing about the round is that about 3,500 million dollars were secured between investments and credit resources for the various sectors of the Colombian economy. About $1 billion of these loans will come from credits and technical cooperation on environmental issues, such as protected areas and energy transition. It should be noted that in France, the president managed to close businesses with about $2,300 million in investments, while in the United Arab Emirates, $70 million were secured, a figure similar to what Israel pledged to bring Colombia into many businesses. . In the latter, an innovation office in our country, Innpulsa, was opened, which will help strengthen future strategic relations.
Doki’s contacts were also important to open the way for our exports, which by 2022 will reach about $32 million to the United Arab Emirates and by 2030 will have a target of $130 million. There are high expectations that the Colombian president’s 10-day tour through Europe and Asia will soon turn into tangible results that will greatly benefit the country. However, less than a year after leaving Casa de NariƱo, the ruins will eventually appear during the next government.

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Contrary to all these expectations, the diplomatic administration has pitfalls like that of Secretary Molano, which forces the rest of the executive, especially Vice President and Chancellor Martha Lucia Ramirez to come out to put out the fires and even apologize. For the recklessness of a minister, which can be costly in foreign affairs. Alas, under this government, this was not the first time that serious mistakes were made in the affairs of international relations.

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