A group of trolls called “Team Rocket” ditched Pokémon’s Twitter account playing Pokémon Red – Nintenderos

Many of you have heard about an experience Pokemon Red at Twitter, Where a community of players came together to participate in voting and thus making decisions in the game, which is featured in this Screenshakes account profile picture.

The community is certainly small, but even so the players that comprised it were actively participating from the start, to the point where they were awarded the Alma Medal and the Volcano Medal.

But a group of players decided to troll a bit with this account, and they called themselves “Team Rocket”, banded together while most of the community slept to unlock nearly all of the Pokemon. Some members realized what was happening in time to save a file Cadabra Level 41, but the rest have been released, including Blastoise-One initial and unique Pokemon evolution for this installment.

Below you will find a message about what happened from Frankie Duffy:

Some idiots allowed most of our squad to release them while we slept, even though we managed to save Kadabra at the last minute.

And so the Pokémon Red Experience account continues, saying goodbye to the “Fallen Heroes”:

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