A From Software, Exclusive to Xbox Series X | S is in the works, rumors have it

Phil Spencer’s recent interview left a lot of evidence for fans of the brand. As usual, every time Phil Spencer participates in an event or gets an interview, the grids fill up Theories about which “Easter eggs” you might leave. Since the early, squadron existence Xbox S And so do the new Xbox headphones, fans never stop analyzing every moment it appears. And the truth is, the last interview seemed full of clues on purpose, because Phil Spencer’s rack left no one indifferent, with wink after wink. Winks that can come true, starting with winks Exclusive software to Xbox Series X | S., Which could be underway.

A From Software, Exclusive to Xbox Series X | S is in the works, rumors have it. It will be a science fiction game:

Windows Central, through YouTube, analyzed the Easter eggs Phil Spencer could have left, about the future of Microsoft and Xbox. One of the most interesting things is about Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’s appearance on Spencer’s mantel. It is not an accident that this game appeared for journalists on Windows Central. And they think it might mean something else. You probably don’t buy from From software, But the development of a Exclusive software to Xbox Series X | S..

“There might be a future collaboration between From Software and Xbox. Xbox has made it very clear that they want to continue to establish collaborations with third parties. So this may indicate an Xbox exclusive future that has yet to be announced, developed in cooperation with From Software.

I’ve heard some rumors of a science fiction game from the show that will be in pre-production, although it’s currently difficult to tell if all of this is true. “

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