A famous Argentine coach admitted that he was willing to pay up to two million dollars a month to train Messi

once again Nestor Gorosito He liked it Lionel Messi On this occasion, he revealed when he will pay to be able to take it out one day. The former creative midfielder and current coach once again paid tribute to the best footballer on the planet, who on Thursday will play for Argentina against Uruguay in the fifth round of pre-World Cup qualifiers. World Cup 2026 Which will be held in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Messi is all good. I always say the same thing. He is perfection as an athlete, as a football player.. I was with him once BarcelonaWhen he sent his regards to Coco (Basile). He was stammer (Martino) is at Barcelona (as coach).” Bebo In an interview with Team F in espn. Then they asked him what he would do if he could direct him, and he replied:He will pay Up to two million per month“, although it was not specified in what currency.

On the other side, Gorosito He explained why he left his position as coach of Colon de Santa Fe, which today is fighting for its survival. “When you deal with relegation, everyday life becomes very difficult. I felt in that moment that I would rather have him leave than stay. Because by doing what we did or changing things, we did not improve. Or we improved for a while. Sometimes, in crucial moments, It is necessary to leave so that someone else can enter.

“Sometimes, when you’re on a team, the problem becomes so familiar to you that you become part of it. Often when a new coach arrives, teams improve because they see things that even though you see them, you can’t correct them. You start to accept that you can’t Correcting that. That’s why when a new coach arrives, he sees the things that are wrong and improves them. “I work to get the appreciation of footballers, not journalists,” he added.

Image source Télam: Gorosito led the Colon de Santa Fe and left office after failing to change the situation in the struggle for survival

He also revealed how he was treated Ramon “OneChop” Abella So that he can improve his physical condition. “Ramon weighed an additional nine and a half kilograms And I took them down. I was happy for him because he will be able to play for another four or five years. I spoke about this when I took office in Kowloon. We talked and he suggested it In a month or so, he lost eight kilograms. Sometimes he played the same way, and I didn’t put any conditions on him.”

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Speaking about the Wanchope case, he added, “Leaving River or Boca is difficult. Finding yourself with another, completely different reality and how to get rid of that anxiety about not having what you have. From daily exposure to disappearance.

While highlighting the work Ruben Darío Forget it In San Lorenzo: “I see the team and I am very happy with the season that Ruben (Insoa) has shown. With very little he has done wonders. He plays in a different style than mine, but it worked for him.”

Plus, he explained why we won’t see a better version of Edinson Cavani at Boca Juniors. “Coming to Argentine football is the hardest of all. “The passage of time shows that with everyone who comes from abroad.” I claim that “in Europe, everyone who plays on the left will play there. Here the two of the ten showed up and messed with you because “No one expects that. Here you play against two, five, eight. And he was always a second striker. It has unusual circumstances. But he is a player who can run into the penalty area, rather than being in it.”

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