A donation from the United Kingdom arrived in Cuba; Steinmeier re-elected President of Germany; They reveal that the Argentine army prepared to invade Venezuela. Canada Opens Border Crossing ›Hilo Directo› Granma

A donation from the United Kingdom has arrived in Cuba

More than 37,000 ampoules of the muscle relaxant Atracurio, for patients on mechanical ventilation, have arrived in Cuba as part of a new donation from the UK Solidarity Campaign (CSC). This shipment is the fifth that medical supplies have arrived in Cuban territory, since April 2021, under the auspices of the CSC, to support the country’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. (Minrix)

Photo: DPA

Steinmeier re-elected as President of Germany

The re-election of Frank-Walter Steinmeier as President of Germany in Berlin is seen as a purely official measure, given the support of this social democratic politician in the German Parliament. Steinmeier announced last May his intention to run for a second term, which is unusual in politics in this country and at a time when his Social Democratic Party (SPD) has been far behind the conservative CDU in opinion polls. But after the January elections, the SPD candidate, Olaf Schulz, was elected federal chancellor, with the support of the Liberals and the Greens, who formed a majority in the legislature, ensuring the aforementioned re-election. (LL)

They revealed that the Argentine army prepared an invasion of Venezuela

A new press investigation revealed that the Argentine army was contemplating an invasion of Venezuela, between April and July 2019, under the government of former President Mauricio Macri, who supported the US military strategy to oust President Nicolas Maduro. In the investigation of Argentine journalist Horacio Verbitsky, it was revealed that General Juan Martin Palio, who was then the commander of the Rapid Deployment Force, was leading the operation. Since March 2020, he has chaired the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces. (Telesur)

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Canada removes truck-blocked border crossing

Canadian police managed to clear the Ambassador International Bridge, that country’s border crossing with the United States that has been blocked by anti-vaccine companies and against COVID-19 restrictions. As part of the operation, riot police began towing cars that were blocking the bridge to bring back traffic between the two countries. The process began after the Ontario Supreme Court decided to order the evacuation of those who had been massed on the bridge. (Telesur)

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