A devastating blow for the USA in the FIBA ​​World Cup: they suffered a painful defeat to Germany and were eliminated

Germany beat the United States in the semifinals of the Basketball World Cup (Reuters/Eloisa Lopez)

United StateAlthough he was present with many personalities from NBAtook another hit in Basketball World Cup in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia 2023 When falling 113-111 in view of Germany In the semi-finals. he Dream Teamthe first winner of this competition (he won the gold medal five times), will now be looking for a consolation prize next Sunday, when he faces Canadacombined that surrendered to 95-86 in view of Serbia.

Tutorials Serbia And Germany. New failure for NBA to United State. New lesson for Canada. All in six hours. Argentine basketball was not in worldToday, it's far from elite, but it's fully enjoyed if you love basketball in its purest form. Even if it changes, even if it is matched, those who know how to play win. Even if they are not athletes summitthose who jump higher or those who run faster.

The first exhibition was presented by the Serbs. And the return of the school we loved. It doesn't matter that I'm not there Nicholas Jokicthe best in the world, who chose comfort and pleasure in his land after devoting himself to it NBA. no Mikic. no Kalinich. no Markanovic. no Lucic. no Pokusevsky. But what does it matter when Serbs maintain their essence. His game is under concepts. The balance between inside and outside, defense and attack, the team above all, even if the individual talent comes out of their pockets.

This Friday left the vast majority reduced to the bare minimum Canada And more style NBA Which International Basketball Federation. Their individual talent, their athleticism, their strength…they were never able to be the overwhelming team in this tournament.

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Serbia He knew how to play with him. He executed and scored 62% from the field. He did not let the Panthers run in front of him and defended brilliantly, especially against him. Shai Gilgeous-AlexanderThe best player in the tournament so far. They studied him, did not allow him to break the first line easily, disturbed him, and even stole some balls from him.

Serbia celebrates its qualification to the FIBA ​​World Cup final (Reuters/Eloisa Lopez)

It became clear that the Canadians were missing another lesson…the Serbs, on the other hand, had learned it through their history and traditions, their small stadiums, their clubs, and their coaches. It seems that his players were born this way. Or training like this. Of course, adding to their development is the personality that they seem to have brought from the cradle and the knowledge of competition, because they do it every day, since they were children.

Bogdan Bogdanovic He is his star. to 31 yearsin the stage of full maturity NBA It shines for him and the team. The killer who took over today Canada with 23 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists. But he is not alone. Dobrik It was his Robin (16 points) and the giant Milutinov He gave balance (16 and 10 rebounds) to a team that mastered all the arts of this game. Milutinov He played deep and the rest was free. When that happened, she was gone. this Serbia He has many shooters and great scoring power.

It also has a long team (we should add Jović, Gudoric And Avramovich) which allowed him not to even remember that one of his players, SemanekHe lost his kidney due to his elbow. There is no drama when everyone knows how to play. It's not about running and shooting, as many think. It is managing the concepts of the game whether you are short or tall. Serbs have used it since they were children.

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There is a lot to do with your school. And with their coaches. This is no coincidence Besicto 73 years old, be responsible. On his way to becoming the oldest coach to win a world championship, 21 years after 2002, vs Argentina. I think so Besic He led the students Yugoslavia To the European title in 1985…a teacher who returned to his team to make a comeback.

Years ago Serbia He was not at the level of his history: he failed in 2019, when he finished fifth after being eliminated in the quarter-finals by Argentina, and was not in the tournament. Tokyo Olympics He fell in the round of 16 of the last European Championship when he was a candidate for the title. Serbia he is back. We are all grateful.

As far as I've seen this Germany And the new lesson he learned United State. Another reality check. Or humility. Because the Germans gave it to them on their own land. before NBA You had to beat them by playing something else, not getting into their rhythm or playing a high-scoring game. today Germany He showed that it is also possible for them to be beaten for what they do.

The United States was eliminated again before the World Cup final (Reuters/Lisa Marie David)

Another resounding failure United State. From their well-known coaches who don't seem to prepare for matches, from their players who attack and don't defend and are not interested in understanding the game. International Basketball Federation. They believe that is enough for them with their overwhelming attacking talent. Once again they realized that this was not the case. In the previous World Cup they were in seventh place, and now they have been eliminated from the final. It is clear that if they do not give all the best, they will not win. Obviously, an NBA champion is not a world champion. The world champion is the world cup champion. Again it won't be.

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Germany an act. Sure, it's a great piece of equipment. The only undefeated player in this tournament. He already made his mark at the last European Championships, where he won bronze and now he's confirmed it. He has some NBA Very hierarchical, like Schroeder, Theis, Bunga And WagnerBut much more than that. Andreas Obst, a shooting guard who was on fire, finished as the semifinal's top scorer with 24 points. Great second half. Voigtman, Thiman And the other Wagner. At home, with their four greats, they were firmly in control Theis (21 and 7). this time Schroeder He played for the team (9 assists), after a very bad quarter, and the rest played its role.

He wasn't afraid Germany. He played him on equal footing, blow for blow. He hit him in that area. no longer Dirk Novitskybut Germany It is an example of a country that has never been a powerhouse but has worked on its foundations, strengthened its selection program and leveraged its interesting biotype, strength and technology to reach the big global party. It was a very special Friday. Basketball won. The purest essence won.

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