A defiant Boris Johnson hopes to remain the UK’s leader in 2030

Bloomberg – The leader of the embattled UK, Boris Johnson, has announced that he plans to Remain as Prime Minister for a third term until mid 2030, He defied mounting political defeats and pressure within his conservative party.

Earlier this month, Johnson survived a challenge to his leadership and there is growing speculation that another vote of confidence is in the works after the double defeat in the by-election. But Johnson, speaking to the press in Rwanda before attending the G7 leaders summit in Germany, made it clear that He has no intention of resigning.

In any case, wait. With the upcoming elections scheduled for 2024, journalists in Rwanda asked him if he wanted to run for a second term until 2029. According to the Press Association, that was his answer: “I am now actively thinking about the third period and what might happen next… We are in the mid-30s.”

His comments come after the head of Johnson’s ruling Conservative Party, Oliver Dowden, resigned after losing two key parliamentary seats on Thursday night.

This was led by some members conservatives (Conservatives) to consider running for election to the influential party committee of 1922, in order to change the rules and allow a new vote of confidence in Johnson’s leadership.

For now, Johnson is safe for a year, though Four out of ten of his deputies voted against it.

The collapse of Conservative Party support in Wakefield in the north of England, as well as in Tiverton and Honiton in the southwest, has led to a renewed Doubts about Johnson’s ability to lead them to victory in the next general election, Scheduled for January 2025 at the latest.

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Here’s what Johnson has to say about them: “I love my colleagues, and of course I would respectfully ask: the rule of political experience, the more we focus on Westminster politics, the more we annoy voters.”

– In collaboration with Emily Ashton.

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