A Christmas Carol from The Darkness that was aiming to go to number one in the UK and ended up losing to a copy of it – Anecdotes

Things don't always go your way in life…even if it's Christmas. The same thing happened to the English. the darkness When they released their chants in 2003″Christmas Time (Don't Let the Bells End).” The song included on the Christmas edition of their debut album “Permission to land“, aims to achieve the most ambitious goal… of reaching Christmas No. 1 in the UK.

For many years now, the milestone of being the most listened to band during the summer season in British country has been the most sought after, though generally so, with exceptions such as the eccentric triumph of Rage Against the Machine in 2009was always a pop star, or worse, the winner of some reality show, the one who filled the sales charts.

However, with the fun, somewhat ironic and very charming Christmas carol, The Darkness, which many compare it to… A hybrid between AC/DC and QueenThey saw that they had a good chance of taking the pot. Yet an artist Gary JulesI crossed his path.

“Mad World”

If you don't know Jules, who is an American by birth, you're probably familiar with his amazing version. And let's be honest, it cannot be said that the artist has succeeded in reaching the general public with any of his own compositions – without going into whether they are of quality or not – throughout his history.

Not so with his version of the classic that he practically made himself. Does it look familiar to you?Mad World”, the original version by Tears For Fears? If we told you “All around me I see familiar places and tired faces It may sound a little familiar to you. Whatever it was, just like he did Johnny Cash with “Hurt”, Jules made his version a real hit that would transcend its time. And it's impossible to listen to “Mad World” and not think of its sad, deep, almost depressing and, above all, very honest version.

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Whatever the case, that song would, against all odds, become that year's No. 1 in the UK, leaving The Darkness in a more than honorable but deeply unsatisfying second place. Even with everything, both songs are still played today on very different occasions. Which one do you like the most?

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