A cat offended in the Qatar World Cup goes to England

Two players from the English soccer team have decided to adopt a cat that was abused by a consultant for the Brazilian national team.

The official gesture of the delegation sparked great controversy Brazil in the Qatar World Cup. While the press conference was taking place before the duel “Veramarella” vs Croatia For the quarter-finals, Vinicius Rodrigues, advisor to the Brazilian national team, has been decided. He grabbed a cat who was in the press room by the neck and back and dropped her without any precaution.

The procedure cost Brazilians a worldwide divorce and even users in social networks, confirmed this For having committed such mistreatment of cats, they were eliminated early in the World Cup.

After what happened, the Brazilian team was sued for animal abuse by a group of NGOs and the National Forum for Animal Protection and Advocacy in Brazil, who I decided to file a complaint against Brazilian Football Confederation.

This situation may prompt the leaders of the Brazilian team to pay 1 million reais, equivalent to 162 million pesos, which will be allocated to the Union Environment Fund. But best of all, the future of the cat will be in Europe, namely in England.

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English soccer players want to adopt the cat

Despite the unpleasant moment that the cat suffered at the hands of the Brazilian, the truth is that now his future can change and he may even become the mascot of the multi-millionaire player. This is after it became known that two English footballers wanted to keep the cat and take it to England.

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It’s a side manchester city, Kyle Walker and central defender of the same team, John Stones. Both players indicated that if England became world champions they would take home the cat.. However, they were eliminated by France in the quarter-finals. Despite this, they decided to keep their promise and They are taking the cat to the UK.

Dave is welcome to the table. He was there for a day, so the Stones and I adopted him. “There are people who don’t really like a cat, but I do,” said Kyle Walker, who is taking care of his partner doing whatever is necessary so that they can get the cat to England.

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