A bug in iOS 17 is to blame

After the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max went on sale, overheating problems began to be reported, which were linked to changes in the design of smartphones to make them lighter. according to CNETApple admitted that there were indeed cases of overheating, but attributed them mainly to this Program errorThat is, in iOS 17, not for hardware design.

Apple guarantees the use of a titanium frame and aluminum body in the iPhone 15 They are not part of the problemBecause they dissipate heat better than the stainless steel used so far in these models.

In the statement shared with CNET, Apple agreed to “You’ve identified conditions that might cause your iPhone to heat up more than expected. Your device may become warmer for the first few days after setup or reset due to increased background activity“.

Apple claims to have found A bug in iOS 17 affecting some users will be fixed With software update. There is another issue that causes some third-party apps to overload the system, so we are working with app developers to fix it.

According to the company, some of the latest updates to Third party applications Such as Instagram, Asphalt 9, and Uber cause overload on the CPU of the A17 Pro chipset, causing the smartphone to get hotter than usual.

At the moment, Apple has not revealed this When will this update be released? Of the programs to fix iOS 17 errors, although it confirmed that this patch will not reduce the performance of the iPhone, which contradicts what Ming-Chi Kuo stated.

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What to do in case of high temperature

Apple accepts Support page iPhones can also get hot when… Charge it wirelesslyor when using applications that require graphics or processor intensive use, but are guaranteed to return to normal when the activity ends.

The company also states that if the device temperature exceeds the specified range, Internal components will be protected To regulate heat.

As recommendations, Apple suggests avoiding leaving your iPhone inside the car on a hot day, and not exposing it to danger In direct sunlight For a long period of time or use some functions in conditions of heat or direct sunlight for a long time.

If the temperature limit of the iPhone has been exceeded, it will be displayed Warning screenblocks all device functions, except for emergency calls.

In addition, you can also activate Low Power mode from the Battery section in Settings, which It will limit any background tasksThis will lower the screen refresh rate to 60Hz and reduce the brightness as well.

In Xataka México we have a test unit of the iPhone 15 Pro, as of the time of this post We did not notice any overheating abnormal.

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