A British grandmother wins a lottery prize after seeing two money spiders

There are many beliefs that Certain “divine signs” may appear to you in life that will help you make certain decisions. Especially if you are going through crucial moments in your life.

Many of these popular sayings are related to money, such as feeling tickled means profits will be coming your way soon. Now, a British grandmother has won the lottery thanks to one of these quotes.

Doris Stanbridge, 70 years old Owns A lottery jackpot will net him about $12,000 a month for the next 30 years, thanks to the fact that he bought the winning ticket after seeing two spiders of money.

The grandmother indicated that she saw a pair of spiders of this species while she was at home, and that is when she decided to buy the winning lottery ticket.

“I was in the kitchen when I felt something tickle my arm. I looked down and the money spider was sliding down my hand. Then I went into the greenhouse and there was another one,” Doris said.

She immediately told her daughters what she had experienced, and they recommended that she try her luck in the lottery game at that time, thus becoming the oldest lottery winner, just one day after celebrating her birthday.

“I hadn’t thought about the ticket. We had my 70th birthday party the night before, so we were busy. “I was going through my emails, deleting some, when I saw a message from the National Lottery saying: ‘Congratulations, you’re a winner.’

The grandmother indicated that this award will allow her and her husband, Keith (66 years old), to retire early.

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“I wasn’t planning on retiring for a few more years, but I’m going to stop working in the next few months,” Doris said.

Finally, he explained that at the moment he has no plans regarding money, but what he has ruled out is buying a house, because he is happy at home.

“We’ve always loved living here. We’ve just finished the kitchen and conservatory, but now the rest of the house is looking run down, so we need to tidy it up. I also want to have a new bathroom upstairs,” he said.

It should be noted that in the United Kingdom, Money spiders (or Money spiders) It is associated with a superstition that if you see one of these species running near you, it means that you will have good luck, especially in economic and commercial matters.

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