8 free apps for Android that you probably don’t know, but are worth it

These 8 free apps aren’t well known, but they’re more useful than you think, give them a try!

Applications on an Android smartphone

Now that the long-awaited summer has arrived and you have more free time, it might be a good time to replenish the catalog of applications on your Android mobile phone, uninstall those applications that you have not used for a while and encourage yourself. Try others that aren’t as popular, but are good too.

To make this task easier for you, we have selected for you today a group of 8 Popular Free Apps in Google Play StoreBut we think you should try.

Lumina walls

If you want to customize the home screen of your Android device with unique and creative wallpapers, we recommend you try Lumina Walls, a free application that puts at your disposal A large number of wallpapers generated by artificial intelligence. Inspired by a wide range of topics such as: Relaxing landscapes or abstract designs.

Lumina Walls is a free app, but it contains ads and in-app purchases ranging from From €2.99 to €33.99.

Google Play | Lumina Walls

Quikshort: Shortcut builder

Quikshort is a free practical tool that allows you to create shortcuts on your smartphone desktop to quickly access applications, contacts, files, folders, web pages and even menu. Settings From your device.

With this application you will be able to create Unlimited shortcuts and combinations of shortcuts on your mobile home screen And up to a total of 15 quick settings panels.

Additionally, you can also customize the shortcuts you create. Change icon, resize and add background.

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Google Play | Quikshort: Shortcut builder

AmpereFlow: Battery speed, AOD

AmpereFlow is a free Android app that shows you in AOD (Always On Display) mode. Complete information about your device’s battery status.

Thus, thanks to this application, you will be able to have a new AOD that you will be able to see, in addition to the date and time, Battery capacity, voltage and temperatureThe estimated time the download will be completed, and Percentage of battery that has already been recharged.

Google Play | AmpereFlow: Battery speed, AOD

PackMate – Travel Checklist

If you always tend to forget something when you go on a trip, you should try PackMate, an app thanks to which you will be able to prepare your travel bag by creating Customized lists with all the things you need to bring depending on the destination, duration and type of tripAssign and create a list type for each destination using its many templates List of pending tasks that must be completed before leaving..

Additionally, PackMate lets you back up your lists to Google Drive so you don’t lose them and includes some handy tools with which you can Check your travel listings directly from your mobile home screen.

Google Play | PackMate – Travel List

Local transmission: FOSS Airdrop

LocalSend is an open source, privacy-focused alternative to AirDrop that allows you to do just that Share files with nearby devices more securelysince it uses your Wi-Fi network to transfer documents, photos, or videos, so Your files never pass through external servers.

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LocalSend is a free app with no ads, but with in-app purchases They range from 5 euros to 50 euros.Which you can download through the direct link to Google Play, which we leave you below these lines.

Google Play | Local Send: FOSS Airdrop

Convert – Daily Timer

If you’ve been looking for a tool to help you improve your productivity for a while, you should try Remit, a time management app. It will allow you to better organize your daily life.

With Remit you will be able to Set daily time goals for your tasks and activitiesDisplay a full screen timer to always know how much time is left until you reach your goal, and categorize tasks using a color naming system. Track individual time spent on each task Analyze your time usage patterns to adjust and improve them for greater efficiency.

Google Play | Convert – Daily Timer

Multi-device battery monitoring

Multi-Device Battery Monitor is a handy application that lets you do just that. Monitor battery status and usage for smartphones, tablets and smartwatchesSince this app is also compatible with Wear OS.

This app is responsible for monitoring your devices battery periodically to send you notifications with warnings and predictions about its usage. Daily reminder of expected battery life for the next day.

Similarly, the Multi-Device Battery Monitor feature also allows you to: Adjust settings and alerts specific to each device.Export battery usage data in different file formats like CSV, TXT, JSON and access information specific to each device. Directly from the smartphone desktop thanks to its user interface elements.

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Google Play | Multi-Device Battery Monitoring

SoundID: Headphones that sound great

If you usually listen to music on your Android smartphone using headphones, we recommend you try SoundID, a free app offered by… Powerful equalizer improves sound quality Whether from the vast majority of music players in the Play Store or from the most popular music streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, YouTube Music, or Apple Music.

SoundID is Completely free app, with no ads or in-app purchaseswhich you can download using the direct link to the Play Store that we leave you below.

Google Play | SoundID: The headphones sound great

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