70 UK companies offer a four-day working week

About seventy companies in the UK today begin beta testing of Four working days a week With the same salary, which is the largest in the world according to its organizers, after the pandemic caused the system to be readjusted The method of work.

Companies from various sectors – including the banking and hospitality sectors – with more than 100,000 employees 30,000 peopleAccording to British media, this test has begun and will continue six months To illustrate whether it is possible to adopt a four-day work week without losing productivity.

Companies that will continue to pay workers 100% of your salaryThey are part of the group 4 days a weekwhich campaigns to reduce working days, in cooperation with the Research Center independenceUniversities Cambridge, Oxford and Boston College.

University researchers will measure the impact on productivity as well as on employee well-being and evaluate how employees respond to various factors, e.g Extra pressurethe Satisfaction with workhealth, dreamConversions and energy levels. The initiative will support participating companies with workshops on success models, advice and training, and periodic evaluations of results, according to EFE reports.

Consequences of the epidemic

The charity's CEO, Ed Siegel, whose entity is participating in the testing, noted that the pandemic has changed things in favorWork flexibility. “The twentieth century concept of a five-day work week It no longer fits Business of the 21st century. We firmly believe that a Four days a week “Without changes to wages or benefits, you will create a happier workforce and have a positive impact on productivity,” Siegel says.

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Some companies have rejected this flexibility, including companies in the electric motor sector. Teslawhose CEO, Elon Muskshe recently told her employees about this They had to go back to the office And give up working remotely for a period of no less than 40 hours per week.

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