7 sports invented in England

There are certain sports that were invented in England and spread around the world and today are very popular in other regions. What are the first things that come to your mind?

Last updated: May 30, 2023

In the next article We will tell you about sports that were invented in England and that are played all over the world today. Many of them were a “copy” of what they had seen on their expeditions, but it cannot be denied that in this country they are quite original.

What sports were invented in England?

A cultural, social and even economic symbol. Sport in the United Kingdom has always been very important, but it gained even greater importance at the beginning of the 20th century.. These are the sports that were invented in England:

1. Football

he soccer It is not a 100% English invention.But how is it played today? In ancient Greece and in some American civilizations, there have already been games with round objects for a long time.

Modern football begins when the rules and regulations for playing it are established. At first it was a very violent sport. It is said that birth soccer The current date is 1863, when the Football Association first met and 14 basic rules were drawn up. The first official tournament was held in England in 1871.

2. Rugby, one of the traditional sports invented in England

This sport, which was born in English lands in the nineteenth century, It originates from the rules of football and is an adaptation of what used to be violent carnival games. Since then it has been said that Football He is the alter ego of football.

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There’s an old saying that says so “Football is a gentleman’s game played by villains, and rugby is a villain’s game played by gentlemen.” The creator of rugby was an English theology student named William Webb Ellis. In fact, the Rugby World Cup trophy is named after him.

Rugby is one of the sports that was invented in England.

3. Tennis

Although the first references to tennis were French (it was known as… Boom game (or “Clapping Game”, which is the predecessor to Basque Pelota), The truth is that England took credit for its invention when rackets were added.

Originally it was played only on natural grass courts, and this is still the case in… Traditional Wimbledon Championship It was a sport for the wealthy in English-speaking countries. Today it is played almost all over the world, and has been an Olympic sport since its first edition in 1896.

4. cricket

It is known in Spanish as “cricket”. It is a sport consisting of a ball and a bat (flat, different from baseball). Where two teams of eleven players face each other. Cricket is played on an oval-shaped grass field whose center contains an empty rectangular field known as the pitch.

It is one of the sports that was invented in England but is also very popular in the British Commonwealth countries. Rather, it is a team sport in the Indian subcontinent. It is believed to have been invented by children in Sussex and Kent during the Middle Ages. Which was practiced by Prince Edward of Nawenden.

5. Golf

This precise sport was first practiced in Holland in 1297; However, it was developed in the United Kingdom. In Gloucester Cathedral in England there is a stained glass window showing a golfer, in honor of an English fighter who was a fan of the sport.

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In 1744, the first golfers’ association was established in Scotland, and a year later in Great Britain.Where the first regulations are formulated. Golf was Olympic in 1900, 1904 and 2016.

Nutrition in golf.

6. Field hockey

Although there are inscriptions and antiquities confirming that field hockey was actually practiced in Egypt and Ireland, the… Once again, it is the English who are credited with inventing it, at least in the modern version, in 1886.

The first club for this sport dates back to 1861 in London; At first it was for men only. In 1880 women also started practicing it. The International Hockey Federation was founded in 1886, and the first international matches were held in 1890. It was included in the Olympic Games in 1908.

7. Table tennis, one of the most recent sports invented in England

The last sport invented in England is a derivation of tennis in that country. Due to the adverse climate on the island, tennis players had to look for an indoor option. They thus created a table that mimicked the original court, and also reduced the size of the ball and racket.

In 1885, the first games were played in English universities, and by 1890 backgammon was patented. By the beginning of the 20th century, table tennis was already being played throughout Europe and India. It reached Asian countries in the 1930s.

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