7 Best British Shows on Netflix

If you are already tired of watching Sherlock again, but you still want to enjoy the unique British style, we advise you to choose any of our selections – they are all insanely good.

We have compiled a list of English TV shows, especially for you. British cinematography can provide excellent quality materials in any area. An outstanding play of actors, subtle humor, intricate crimes, even baking show lovers can find something exciting and valuable in British baking culture. The United Kingdom gives us some of the greatest movies, which gain well-deserved popularity in many countries. They can provide an unforgettable experience, both to ordinary viewers and professional critics, who have long recognized the superiority of UK cinematography in many areas. Here everyone will find something to their taste. Once you have been imbued with the spirit of foggy Albion, you will no longer want to let go of this image. This list will advise you most popular and enjoyable projects for every taste, from the Crown to Sex Education. And, of course, each of them is available on Netflix.

1. Sex Education

The protagonist is a shy and uncommunicative teen with phoebe who lives with his mother, a sex therapist. By coincidence, Otis will soon have to leave his comfort zone and become an expert in intimate matters himself. Of course, he will not distribute all advice for free.

The story is easy and relaxed and flows smoothly. The characters are revealed enough to get an overall picture of them.

Here you can not find critically cliched characters. The creators of the first season managed to balance each one, combine the features of different personalities and achieve a good picture of the output. Teenagers get to know themselves, begin to enjoy intimacy, do not hesitate to express themselves – you can learn a lot from them. For example, talk about problems, about feelings, about your thoughts. This is something that even adults who have been living together for more than a decade cannot cope with. It is an excellent solution to represent the problems of teenagers and parents. And if you liked this show, you can search for the best educational shows on Netflix for more. All in all, it is recommended for viewing by people who constantly load themselves and give up. After this series, it will seem that everything is not so difficult. It is important not to close yourself.

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2. Derry Girls

“This is a great British sitcom about the Irish Catholic area in the Irish city. The scene is a Catholic school. The action is the beginning of the 90s.” said Dr. Keen, staff writer at PapersOwl who specializes in history. Irish history is full of tragic events and intractable national, religious, and social problems. And humor in this regard turns out to be that saving, softening, and safe means that allows you to speak about topics important for Irish society.

Terrorism and interfaith confrontation between Catholics and Protestants, conservative piety of Catholics in the modern community, attitudes towards migrants, property stratification and low living standards, intolerance towards the gay people, and many other topics essential for Northern Ireland are touched upon by the creators of the series. Humor helps relieve tension and indirectly, not directly, to say what is sore.

This fits perfectly into the general context of the series for young people while showing its unique Irish character since its inspirer Lisa McGee presents memories of her youth, imbued with sincere sympathy and love for that time and her hometown.

3. Broadchurch

Fans of detective stories will like “Broadchurch.” There are three seasons, each new intricate crime that two talented detectives and their colleagues will investigate. The action of the Broadchurch takes place in a fictional town called Broadchurch, where a predictable and even dull life has flowed until recently, and now real passions are in full swing.

4. The Crown

Crown is a chic historical original episodic about Queen Elizabeth II from the moment of her wedding in 1947 to the present. The Crown will show important events such as the breakup of Princess Margaret’s engagement to Peter Townsend, the beginning of the Suez Crisis, the birth of Prince Edward, and more. And, of course, all of them are very close to reality. Despite the historical accuracy, The Crown is not “boring” and will appeal to even those indifferent to this genre.

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5. Bodyguard

In the center of narration, a veteran becomes the personal bodyguard of the Minister of the Interior, a self-confident, ambitious woman whose beliefs completely contradict his own. The man suffers from post-traumatic syndrome but carefully hides it. True, the longer he works with government representatives, the more difficult it becomes for him to control his emotions. Then the main character realizes that he doesn’t mind killing those he has to protect.

6. The End of the F***ing World

This is a mini-series based on the comic book of the same name by Charles Forsman, filmed in the genre of black comedy and road movie. The main characters are a guy named James, who feels like a psychopath and dreams of killing someone, and his new girlfriend, Alyssa. But first, they were just friends. Together they run away from home and begin a fantastic journey filled with dangers, risks, and unforgettable emotions.

7. Peaky Blinders

This is a chic historical drama that takes place shortly after World War One. At the center of the narration are the Shelby family members of the gang Peaky Blinders, who first engaged in betting on equestrian sports and expanded their field of activity so much that they became the most famous criminal gang with significant power not only at East but in Birmingham. For them, murder is just a game. But still, it is a considerable pleasure to watch it.

If this list to small for you, we can also advise these television shows which are streaming on Netflix: Collateral created by David Hare, The IT Crowd – classic comedian sitcom about IT workers, Call the Midwife about a group of midwives in the period from the late-1950s to late-1960s, the top film The Fundamental of carrying with such stars set as Paul Rudd, Craig Roberts, Selena Gomes and more.

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