6,000 euros of assistance to return to Spain!

Are you of Cuban and Galician descent? Well, you're in luck, because until September, you can apply for a return plan from the military junta in Galicia, in northern Spain, so you can return to the Spanish community of your ancestors with assistance of up to 6,000 thousand. Euros per family unit. We detail below.

The junta in Galicia, in northern Spain, has launched a new line of economic support for Galician families or families of Galician origin who want to return to their lands, according to local media. People of Cuban descent have the opportunity to participate in this return plan.

The assistance consists of support of up to €6,000 per family unit that meets the required requirements.

he Goal This measure aims to encourage the return of Galicians who were born in the community and traveled abroad for academic or professional reasons, as well as those who are descendants of Galicians who emigrated in the great waves of the 20th century or in the 1970s.

Therefore, they are given financial assistance so that they can cover the costs of their move to Galicia. It also seeks to restore and retain talent or promote entrepreneurship in society.

Plan of return to Galicia for Galicians and their descendants: Cubans can apply

The deadline for requesting assistance, once published in the Official Gazette of Galicia, ends on September 30. The total budget allocated to returning Galician migrants is €2 million for this year.

Who can get help to return to Galicia? According to the announcement, this assistance is aimed at Galician migrants returning in 2024, subject to meeting some requirements.

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The beneficiaries will be those born in the autonomous region, spouses of Galician people born in Galicia and descendants of Galician people born in the region according to the degree of consanguinity.

Some of the requirements are to have Spanish citizenship before returning, to have resided legally abroad for at least two years immediately before the date of return to Galicia, to be registered or reside in one of the municipalities of the autonomous region and to have a return date beginning on January 1, 2022, inclusive.

Furthermore, the returnee must not have sufficient financial resources to receive this financial assistance of up to €6,000.

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