5 new WhatsApp features coming next year

Everything seems to indicate that the famous Application from The WhatsApp It will add new functions during the next year 2022 to make it more attractive to its users, which is why this time we will introduce you to each of them in detail.

As you can remember, WhatsApp is constantly updated and like every year, and more recently the platform Messaging service Quick Meta revealed its tools and functionality during the last weeks of the year.

That is, in 2021, the platform arrived with many changes, both for the mobile version and for the web version and desktop version, in which the photo editor was more liked by users.

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However, not all was well for the Meta feature, because as you may remember, on October 4 there was a historic downfall of Facebook, Instagram WhatsApp, which has left millions of users without service for more than six hours.

Every year it starts, applications, in particular Meta platforms, are renewed, offering innovative functions, so in the coming year 2022 are expected great novelties, which we will present to you below:

Interact with emojis in messages: This is a function quite similar to reactions within the Messenger app.

Call time for specific contacts: In addition to the three options: Nobody, My Contacts, or All, it will be added to specific contacts.

Transcribe voice notes in WhatsApp: Voice notes can be converted to text for understanding and even forwarding.

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Personal group chats: Here the app is expected to add a function to customize group chats with profile pictures that accept emojis and stickers.

Voice bubbles: With them, you can play a voice note through a popup bubble without having to access the conversation.

It should be noted that to safely install the fast messaging app, you must first download it from Google or directly from the Play Store for Android and the App Store in the case of the iPhone.

The next thing is to accept the terms of service, check the phone number of the account you want to install and that’s it.

It is worth noting that we are constantly sharing content related to the messaging platform, so you should be very careful not to miss anything new in the coming year.

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