5 British Prime Ministers to hope for: Liz Truss, Rishi Sunak

The initial list, which are 5 candidates to succeed the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, in the United Kingdom has been scaled back.
The five candidates for Britain’s next prime minister face each other in a televised debate. Photo: AFP

The Five contenders for the position of the next British Prime Minister They will meet on Friday at The first of three televised debatesexpressing the hope that a good performance will increase his chances in a fight that has not yet done so clear favourite. Who are the candidates for success? Boris Johnson?

Two days after the vote by lawmakers from Conservative Party In power, the initial list of 11 candidates has been scaled back, but no one has been identified as a successor JohnsonWho announced his resignation after a series of scandals.

The five candidates for the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

1. Rishi Sunak

Former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, led these two sounds. Positions himself as the candidate with the best chance of becoming Prime Minister From United kingdom. He held the country’s third most important cabinet position and a 42-year-old deputy governor prevented mass layoffs during the pandemic.

Rishi Sunak of Indian origin. He has been embroiled in several scandals, including his participation in secret parties during quarantine, and others involving tax matters involving his wife, the daughter of an Indian businessman.

two. Les Truss

FM stiff competition, Les Trusswho has the support of various personalities to become Prime Minister. It is among my favorites Boris Johnson. Born in 1975, the year in which Margaret Thatcher He took over the leadership of the Conservative Party.

He was raised in a house with left-wing ideas of the Labor Party, and in his youth was a member of the Liberal Democrats, but his leap to the Conservative Party occurred in 1996. Les Truss she was Minister of State for Justice and Parliamentary Minister of Treasury From 2017 to 2019. Negotiated a post-Brexit Free Trade Agreement United kingdom s Japan.

3. Penny Mordaunt

According to the opinion polls of the Minister of Commerce, Penny Mordauntis the most popular among the party members who will decide the winner for office Prime Minister. She was the first woman to hold this position UK Defense Minister. Royal Navy ReserveHe gained popularity as a deputy by appearing on a reality show in 2014

mordaunt She campaigned for Britain to leave the European Union in 2016 referendumBeing one of the main faces of the Leave campaign United kingdom subordinate European Unionwhich in the eyes of the more conservative wing gives him good gains.

four. Kimi Badenoch

Former Minister of Equality, Kimi Badenoch He is also in the race to become UK Prime Minister. She went from being low profile to being among the five finalists, all within a week, because less than 7 days ago, the former Equality Minister was only considering running to be the next Tory leader.

Kimi Badenoch He was one of nearly 60 lawmakers and assistants who resigned this week afterwards Boris Johnson I apologize for appointing a colleague accused of sexual assault to a senior position. However, experts are wondering if she will be ready to become prime minister United kingdom.

5. Tom Tugendhat

Tom TugendhatHe is president House Foreign Affairs Committee. The ex-militaries were criticizing the way the crisis was Afghanistan. It was in January when he expressed his intention to run for the primaries if the Prime MinisterAnd the Boris Johnsonlost confidence Conservative Party.

Tugendhat He hopes a strong performance in the televised debates will boost his campaign. He previously served in army and in Parliament. Now, he hopes to answer the call again as UK Prime Minister.

What are the challenges of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?

Who gets the job? Prime Minister You will have to face a high inflation even low economic growthAs well as the citizens’ distrust of politics after a time of scandals Boris Johnson in power.

Opinion polls also indicate that the Conservatives lag far behind the party labor Partyin opposition.

“Who would be the best person to take over (Labour leader)? Care Starmer In the next general election? The legislator told Sky News. Richard HoldenSupporter sonak.

Only two applicants will be left. Prime Minister on July 21

Rishi Sunakwhose decision to give up the wallet Economie Last week he helped launch a series of ministerial resignations that ended in Johnsonis still preferred to maintain the position Prime Minister Among 358 of his fellow Conservatives in Parliament.

But his advantage is over Gears s mordaunt It’s weak, and both can advance depending on which lawmakers have supported the other candidates they decide to support.

Thursday, the Attorney General Suila Braverman He was out of the race Prime Minister He has given his support to Gearswhich has also been approved by David Frostwho negotiated an exit United kingdom subordinate European Union.

Newspaper times I mentioned that Prime Minister Boris Johnson Defeated leadership candidates urged to support ‘everyone else’ feathery“.

in the meantime, mordauntA lesser known figure in the public and a favorite of bookmakers, he faces increasing attacks from rival camps because of his expertise. frost She said she wasn’t strong enough in European UnionA major issue for many conservative.

After the televised debates, MPs’ votes will resume next Monday, with the party’s candidates gradual. Prime Minister With fewer voices, even Last two applicants before July 21.

After that, the new leader will be elected by 200,000 members Conservative Party and the Prime Minister It will be announced on September 5th.

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