454 kilograms in the tandem deadlift! A new world record for Sam Taylor and Easy Tate

he sports It is synonymous with health and life. In case Easy Tate It is another one that joins all of its predecessors. In 2015, the Scotsman suffered a caliber brain condition very serious: The nerves in the back of my head are damaged.. Pathology that can have very serious consequences, both in the long and short term: “The right side of my body was temporarily paralyzed and I had epilepsy.”I confess.

Be strong in the face of adversity

Strength training, and more specifically discipline ‘Strong woman’ (single repetitions with large amounts of weight), allowed him to deal with his illness. So much so that he’s doing so well now, in fact, that he’s made a lot of progress in the sport. He’s one of The most powerful women in the world.

along with his partner, Sam Taylorthe The third most powerful woman in the worldThey broke many weightlifting records. Brands that got passed thanks to training that wasn’t optimal, since they live in different cities and didn’t get to train much together. But this is not an excuse, a couple of years ago they pulled a plane out of it 48 tons during 3 minutes.

Record after record: “I don’t want to say it was easy” (Easy Tate)

But not enough of that, in British Strength ChampionshipI decided to try to break the record combined deadlift. And not only did they get it, but they also crushed it. Starch 454 kilos between the two, 200 kilos More than the previous brand: “I don’t want to say it was easy, it was very heavy,” says Eazy.

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Together they achieved Actions Worthy of admiration by anyone. Most important of all is to overcome brain condition Which Easy Tate suffered from 8 years ago. And on the sports side, they have also achieved great things, and they want to continue to do so: “It’s the start of something big.”.

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